About UVSE

The UVSE Water Polo Sports Club was formed from the now defunct Újpest Sports Club (UTE) Water Polo Department. Thanks to former UTE staff and the parents of children attending the club, it has operated independently since 2008. The club was founded as the last step in achieving complete financial and operational autonomy. Our primary focus has always been on youth development but both our men's and women's adult teams also complete in the Hungarian first division, providing inspirational role models and a development path for the children to follow. Our club is now the largest youth water polo club in the country. All our hard work over the years has paid off with 18 gold medals in our first 7 years of operation and another 33 medals earned by various age groups in national championships.
Our teams train in excellent facilities in Hungary's flagship venue for water sports, the Alfréd Hajós swimming facility on Margaret Island. In addition to hosting training sessions held on dry land – in gyms and outdoors – the complex offers additional services such as medical facilities, a sauna and storage space, all of which make this an ideal venue for high-quality preparation. Our headquarters are also located on the grounds and we renovated and moved into the building in 2013. It is fully equipped with dressing rooms, supply closets, offices as well as a team and education room fitted with interactive displays and projectors. We have installed rooms with bunk beds the top floor to comfortably sleep four people. 
Thanks to support from the Hungarian Water Polo Federation and National Sports Center, we are able to secure the pool time we need to train and compete. Our youth training program draws from a very broad base, but in order to ensure we have an ideal number of new recruits for our capacity we organize well-prepared and executed training camps at the beginning of each school year from September to November. For years, we've maintained good working relationships with schools and assist each other in mutually beneficial ways.
We are open to any form of high-quality, mutually beneficial professional collaboration with foreign clubs, but would also be happy to host teams for training camps. With our partners, we are able to manage all organizational tasks and provide accommodation, catering and transportation in-line with each team's needs. Everyone who has worked with us to date has been extremely satisfied with the highly professional service we provide.
For further information:
András Hertzka
Andrássy út 2., H-1061 Budapest, Hungary